A Pathway to Quilting 


This is your invitation to be part of something truly special‚ÄĒa journey of creativity and community.


Along this journey, you'll discover your inner quilter as you connect with other quilters inside a private community. You'll stitch together memories, celebrate quilty milestones, and weave a legacy that lasts generations.




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What's stalling your quilting journey?


Are your skills hitting a plateau and you want to take your quilting to the next level?

Are you struggling to add your own creative touch and innovative ideas to quilts and want some inspiration?

Do you want to move beyond cookie-cutter designs and patterns to those that encourage personalization and creativity?

Are you unable to find a community of like-minded quilters who truly get it?  A place where you can join from anywhere, anytime, and at any skill level knowing you'll be welcomed and supported through every step of your quilting journey.

The answer is COMMUNITY! 

Seasoned Makers Community is a place for quilters to walk beside each other, away from social media, and share their amazing quilting journeys with people who get it.

Every month you'll be guided along your quilting journey...


Each month, the Seasoned Makers pathway takes you on a journey of Making, Learning, Connecting, and Gathering. All with the intention of finding your own unique quilty style so you can build a beautiful quilting legacy.
But, the best part is you won't be alone because our amazing community will be there as you...

Make + Learn

Fresh projects every month!  Each month, get exclusive quilting patterns and projects, often with video, PLUS accompanying PDFs showcasing a fresh skill or technique. 


With our monthly Sip 'n Sew say goodbye to sewing solo! Bring a beverage and any in-progress project. Seek advice, or relish the fellowship. You'll always find connection.


Just like your local guild, enjoy a fun gathering where we share finished projects, get a new Mystery Quilt block, and peek at the upcoming month's project and supplies. 

I believe quilters are some of the best people you'll ever meet...


At their core,¬†quilters are¬†generous and kind-hearted people who¬†spend countless hours making¬†beautiful quilts‚ÄĒnot for themselves, but to give away!¬†


Imagine being part of this world.

 What's inside Seasoned Makers?

  • A new, downloadable¬†PDF pattern every month for a quilt or¬†quilty¬†project.¬†

  • Seasoned Makers¬†Annual Mystery Quilt¬†with blocks¬†and details released monthly.

  • Access to a growing library of videos and PDF downloads¬†with¬†techniques to help you learn something new.

  • A¬†private¬†online¬†community¬†of fun and supportive quilters helping you¬†complete projects, sharing creative¬†ideas, and building friendships.
  • Monthly Gatherings - Two live gatherings a month:¬†Sip 'n Sew - an open sew meetup PLUS a Makers Guild Meeting.

  • Fresh monthly content with expert-led tutorials.

  • An¬†exclusive¬†Seasoned Makers Binder + Journal, to track your quilting process.
  • Interactive Quilting Calculators¬†(you're gonna love these!)
  • FREE access to the The Seasoned Homemaker Printable Post Library.

A Little Magic every month...

Seasoned Makers puts you on a creative pathway to help you develop your own unique quilting style. Along this pathway you'll explore different quilting styles, methods, and techniques that help form your one-of-a-kind quilting personality.
We do this with our four layers of learning called M.A.D.E.
M.A.D.E. is a 4-month rotating learning sequence. Each month in the sequence includes a different type of project intended to advance your quilting. Once the 4-month sequence ends, we start the sequence over.
Here's how it works...

  Month 1: (M) Mastering

Mastering {basic skills} establishes a solid foundation of quilting techniques and skills, offering experiences that enhance your quilting confidence.

   Month 2: (A) Advancing

Advancing {skills} with projects that advance quilting abilities and techniques. Become confident and begin experimenting with various patterns, colors, and designs.

Month 3: (D) Delighting

Delighting {in projects} like bags, mug rugs, and mini quilts. It’s where you can let your imagination soar and add unique touches to simple projects. 

Month 4: (E) Expanding

Expanding {horizons} lets you soar as you apply skills in innovative ways, explore new quilting avenues, and showcase your unique, artistic flair.

The Seasoned Makers Quilt Binder + Journal works alongside the M.A.D.E. learning sequence, keeping things fun and organized.
In addition to M.A.D.E. projects, you'll have access to an ever-growing library of workshops, patterns, tutorials, and the private Seasoned Makers Community.


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Annual Mystery Quilt


How fun is this! Alongside our monthly project, a new mystery block will be released during the monthly Makers Guild Meeting. 

Some blocks will be super simple and some not so simple. 

Along the way you'll be growing your skills while trying to guess the quilt layout.

Expect lively conversations in our Sip 'n Sew Meetup.

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The Makers Community

The heartbeat of Seasoned Makers - where you'll find fellowship and community

Be part of a supportive private community - a place for asking questions, sharing ideas, and making new friends.

Say goodbye to endless social media scrolling. In our private community, you'll find nothing but support, inspiration, and kindness among friends!

Make lasting connections with like-minded quilters who are eager to share in the joy of quilting.

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Picture this:


Imagine receiving a treasure trove of fresh, exciting ideas every month, each offering a chance to spark your creativity and define your unique quilting style.

The possibilities are endless!

What you can expect from Seasoned Makers...

  • Every month, dive into a new¬†project¬†with inspiring ideas and methods, fueling your creativity and shaping your distinct quilting voice.
  • An annual Mystery Quilt with a new piece of the puzzle¬†every month.
  • Access to¬†expert-led tutorials and tips, guiding you to refine your techniques and elevate your quilting artistry.
  • Be part of¬†a private¬†community of fellow quilters, where you can share, learn, and grow together on your quilting journey.
  • Enjoy the freedom to personalize each project, allowing your individual style and preferences to shine through in every stitch.

Introducing the

Seasoned Makers Community

Imagine receiving a stream of fresh, exciting ideas every month, each offering a chance to experiment and expand your own unique quilty personality.
  • Monthly Workshops¬†with fresh projects that will¬†boost your skills¬†while you create¬†legacy-worthy¬†quilts.¬†¬†
  • Monthly Mystery Quilt Block¬†masquerades as a skill-building¬†project, but it's really just a lot of fun!¬†
  • Pattern & Tutorial Library¬†that grows every month with new content, projects, and tutorials.¬†
  • Growing Video Library guiding you through projects.¬†The library expands monthly with new additions.
  • Quilt Binder & Journal for recording and remembering details about quilts.
  • Interactive Quilt Calculators¬†-¬†Handy calculators for calculating things like HSTs, Flying Geese, binding, backing, etc. Never worry about quilt math again!
  • Live Sip 'n Sew Meetup¬†where we sew and quilt together.¬†A¬†relaxing place to stitch together, ask questions, and¬†share support.¬†
  • Live Quilt Guild Meeting¬†where we wrap up the month¬†with a Show & Tell and intro next month's project +¬†the Mystery Quilt block.¬†
  • BONUS: The Seasoned Homemaker Printable Post Library*:¬†Filled with¬†a range of printable tutorials and inspirational posts that you can refer to time and again. (Annual plans only)

Frequently Asked Questions

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and together, we'll create something incredible!


ūüĆü Be Part of Our Foundation: As a Founding Member of the Seasoned Makers, you aren‚Äôt just joining a community; you're helping to shape it. Your insights and expertise will guide the growth and evolution of our exclusive quilting circle.

ūüďö Expand Your Quilting with Every Stitch: Dive into an ever-growing library of quilting videos that expands monthly. From traditional patterns to cutting-edge techniques, watch as our¬†library flourishes, enriched by contributions from members like you.

ūüí° Affordable Access to a Treasure Trove: For just $5 a month (billed annually), unlock the doors to a vault of quilting resources and community wisdom. It‚Äôs more than a membership‚ÄĒit‚Äôs an investment in your quilting journey.¬†

¬†ūüĒí Lock in Your Lifetime Rate: Enroll today and secure your annual membership at¬†the Founding Members rate of only $60. As long as your membership remains active, your rate remains unchanged, no matter how rich our offerings grow.

ūüíĖ Craft a Community with Your Hands and Heart: Together, we're stitching a tapestry of creativity and camaraderie. In the Seasoned Makers Community, every member‚Äôs voice is heard, and every quilt tells a story.

ūüďĄ Bonus: The Seasoned Homemaker Printable Post Library*: Enhance your quilting and crafting journey with free access to The Seasoned Homemaker Printable Post Library. Discover a range of printable tutorials and inspirational posts that you can refer to time and again. (*Annual plans only)


Welcome, Quilters!

 I'm Leslie Rutland 


For some time I've wanted to create a cozy space for quilters like you. 
A community away from the distractions of social media where we can forge genuine connections and share in the joy of quilting.
But more than that, I want to focus on creating our legacy through quilting.
Seasoned Makers is such a place and will put you on the pathway to quilting with a purpose. 


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Why Seasoned Makers Community is special...


If you desire a vibrant online quilting community, passionate about fabrics and quilting, you've found the perfect place! Here, you'll encounter generous, talented, and welcoming quilters eager to share their love for quilting and fun.
Whether you're just starting your quilting journey or you're an experienced quilter, we invite you to join us and discover why this community is so special.