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A community where quilters can connect, share, and inspire 


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 Seasoned Makers are quilters who cherish the

deep connection that comes from quilting

with intention and creating, not just quilts, but legacies

that embody warmth, love, and history.


This is for you if...

You love fun quilting projects...

We're celebrating all things quilty over here. You'll find yourself among passionate quilters that value fun, creativity, and connection...all inside a private community.

You want to connect with other quilters...

You desire a community of like-minded quilters who generously share guidance, mentorship, and valued insights that improve each other's quilting.

You're looking for quilting inspiration...

And a way to add your own creative touch and innovative ideas to quilts. The Seasoned Makers Community will be there to help guide you on your quilty journey.

Hello, Quilters! 

For some time I've wanted to create a cozy space for quilters like you. 

A community away from the distractions of social media where we can forge genuine connections and share in the joy of quilting.

But more than that, I want to focus on creating legacies through quilting.

Seasoned Makers is such a place where quilters can connect, share, and inspire each other.

Make + Learn
Connect + Share
Gather + Inspire

 I believe quilters are some of the best people you'll ever meet...

At their core,¬†quilters are¬†generous and kind-hearted people who¬†dedicate countless hours making¬†beautiful quilts‚ÄĒnot for themselves, but to give away!¬†Imagine being part of this world.

This is a very special place...


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Coming Soon! 


 Seasoned Makers


A community where quilters connect, share, and inspire 


Join the Waitlist

I can't wait to share the details...

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